All items for sale date from Victorian times - 1950s.

Item Description Size (each) Grade Price Image
A1 Bullfighting full set cards 10.5x8.5cm 4x3.25 Good £12 View
A2 Dogs in circus act 9 wide 23cm
small faults on right side
Very good £10 View
A3 Foliage Left one
23.5cm 9.25
Good £7 View
A4 2 Famous buildings
- flag detached
Top one
17cms wide - 6.75"
Very good £12 View
A5 4 Royalty 10.5x5cms - 4"x1.5" Very good £5 View
A6 A page of shells Full page Good £8 View
A7 Two big ships faults 22.5cm at base 9 Good £8 View
A8 2 Big sail ships Top one
5.75 at base 15cm
Very good £8 View
A9 Buildings Top right
5cms wide - 2"
Good £8 View
A10 R Tuck Coronation
scrap sheet 10
25x18cms - 9.75"x7" Excellent £7 View
A11 Dick Whittington &
Jack the Giant Killer
15cms - 5.75" Good £8 View
A12 R Tuck Coronation
scrap sheet 11
25x18cms - 9.75"x7" Excellent £7 View
A13 Old London Bridge
& Southwark bridge
13cm wide 5 Very good £7 View
A14 Mixed biblical scenes 5cm wide 2 Very good £8 View
A15 Exposition Universelle Top left
7.5cm 3
Excellent £9 View
A16 Horse riding scrap Large one 5.95 - 15cm
small fault
Good £8 View
A17 Floral border A 30cms - 12" Good £7 View
A20 Windmills Top middle
6.5cms at base - 2.5"
Good £8 View
A21 Horse-drawn fire engine
-but break in rein
19cm at base 7.5 Very good £8 View
A24 6 Framed pictures 7.5x7.5cms - 2.75" Very good £9 View
A26 Landmarks B Top ones
13cms wide 5.25
Good £7 View
A28 Life in the snow & ice Top right
7.5cms at base 3
Excellent £8 View

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Marks or imperfections that detract slightly from the scrap's overall appearance


Marks or imperfections which are quite noticeable in places
(e.g. major staining, missing parts, tears, significant back surface damage)


Significant marks, imperfections and damage
(e.g. large tears, badly damaged surfaces)